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Analyzing Collective Culture & Global Sociopolitical Mythemes
Your Life Story is Your Great Work



Is there a correlation between the human psyche -- mood, world view -- and material resources? Or, more specifically, is there a correlation between the psyche and a relative change in resources, i.e. within one culture, from an earlier decade or century to a later one? Is there a sort of psychological history that parallels the material one?

"Now this has the form of a myth, but really signifies a declination of the bodies moving in the heavens around the earth." --Plato, The Timæus Dialogues, 360 BC

The Psychic System

COLLECTIVE PSYCHE is a meta-theory of mankind, first suggested by Jung. Today we call it The Field or zero-point. Reality dynamics is the ocean of collective knowledge and transpersonal psychology, the invisible hand of self-organization and synergistic fractal logic in complex systems. We share our essential holographic nature as fractal expressions of a field of consciousness.

Our being is implicit in the source field. Consciousnss is a superposition of unconscious and conscious between the metaphysical and physical, flowing from the micro to the macro. Our decisions occur subconsciously seconds before we become aware of them. We are all connected at this field level. The unconscious is a matrix of unconscious dynamics. The collective Shadow captures us through the personal shadow and self-interest, bridging us to the collective consciousness mass psychosis.

We sense we are ending and yet just beginning because both are simultaneously and timelessly true. Humanity's race is against time toward the great Unknown. The perennial question remains, "What is wrong with the world and why is it that way?"

Neither religion, philosophy, nor systems theory has been able to do more than balance out the negative, much like Yin and Yang. Transcendental religions seek to escape time and its dichotomies altogether.

The treasures of cultural history and spontaneous renewal reside within this living field, our connection with the primal source of life and parallel phenomena. The history of the world emerges from the multidimensional field of possibilities. Somehow life works despite infinite deviations. Viability can be anticipated if not planned. But we've outgrown Earth's carrying capacity.

Though barely aware of them, we are tied together by deep processes. We can learn to consciously understand and apply, rather than destructively act out these eternal patterns. We must learn to recognize what is being revealed even though it is always open to interpretation. We are also subject to delusions and misperceptions, so we need to learn discernment.

The Great Mill

In the archetypal realm, the beginning and end of days is always with us in each and every moment as the mythic dimension. Myth describes breakthroughs of the sacred into the profane or historical time.  Precession, marking the great cycles of life, means the sacred is intersecting the mundane as 'eternal return.' All things become truly 'real' by imitating this model of the celestial archetype. In cyclic time, what has occured will repeat.

Actions are 'virtuous' if they conform to the sacred pattern which gives the world form and meaning. Eliade suggests that the abandonment of mythical thought and the full acceptance of linear, historical time, with its "terror," is one of the reasons for anxiety today. But the fact is everything begins over and over again in each and every instant. This process of quantum refreshing means we are created anew in each moment, like pixels on a screen.

Clearly, with the Precession, we have an unprecedented opportunity to move into the metahistorical mythic flow of sacred time and perhaps help renew the world and universal history. Even without choosing it, it is being imposed on us at this time. By flowing with it, reintegrating cyclic time, we reintegrate ourselves. Rather than a literal pole shift of the Earth, it is an opportunity for a pole shift in the collective psyche.

Is the Universe calling to us through eschatological visions, such as 2012 galactic alignment, future studies, singularity, transhumanism, UFO/ET mythos, Ascension, ZPG, postmillennialism and religious visions? Nothing is preventing us from having our own "rapture" right here, right now, since it is an achievable perceptual state. Negentropic potential can emerge at any instant in complex systems.

Paradigm shift is a new way of looking at the mystery and meaning of life. Whether these competing scripts and speculations play out or not, they provide us with mythic rallying points. Seems like everybody is having that dream.

But, do we have to imagine our end to find a new beginning, to reinvent civilization? Change starts with the questions we ask because they have the potential to shift our awareness. What is inconceivable one day may not be the next. The tipping point could come at any juncture.

Aeons are marked by the Precession of the Equinoxes -- the Great Return -- which formed the root and core of mythical thought long before written history began. All major civilizations have their versions of Precession - the mythology of the Milky Way - with myths of golden, dark and perished ages. To face our own mortality is to face what it means to be most fundamentally human.

Is it the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning? The serpent of the eternal bites its own tail. Precession defines our relationship to the galaxy and is the root of our notions about the beginning and end of time. Thus, mythology is linked to cosmology and our galactic destiny. In this sense, we long to escape the confinement of our historical times. But history is cyclic, renewed in a new order, a new creation.

The mother of all myths, Precession is a cataclysmic force, the basis for myths of disorder and the end of ages. Both religious and secular models speak of violent disruption which challenges us to find new ways of cooperating and being. We have even deduced the ultimate fate of the universe, yet our own remains in question. Will the human race breakdown or breakthrough or some combination of that?

Just as order arises from chaos, we can deeply synchronize with one another to good effect, healing ourselves and perhaps our planet. We are ripples on an ocean of collective psychology which has laws of its own, as Jung demonstrated. Archetypes are attractors that organize otherwise weak interactions.

Jung called archetypes the great decisive forces in events. There are archetypal dimensions to world events, including wars, politics and mass psychology. Just because events are collective, they do not need to devolve to the lowest common denominator of consciousness. Collective events make this transpersonal voice known to us when enacted in the world. Integrating this force is transforming.

Each of us is an integral part of the untapped potential of all creation. We are bound together by the collective power of imagination. Resonance with this field provides a guiding coherence -- a guide wave -- opening us to reenchantment of world and cosmos beyond postmodern fragmentation.

Collective psyche is the ultimate source of creative solutions and inspiration for global transformation. Intelligence resides not only in, but among us all. The mythic dimension reveals itself to and through us all, making the global drama a gripping enigma.

We do not achieve excellence through violence and destruction. Wars on terror, drugs, cancer, and poverty have led nowhere. We can create together through nonlocal, nonconventional means, increasing capacity with a sense of connection and trust. There are interpersonal, organizational and sociopolitical benefits in amplifying these field phenomena through creative collaboration for the common good.

Collective Responsibility

The new cultural guide is not the manic overachieving violent hero, but the artificer or synthesizer who can "make do" and actively make things work with what is at hand in the here and now. The maker and shaper is the transdisciplinary role model of basic human urges of transformation, ingenuity and original design.

A knowledge of principles leads directly to a process of creation and problem-solving. Collective psyche is a correlated readiness to respond, living aligned with creation, literally from the ground (of our being) in the day to day world.


Futurist Paul Wildman defines an Artificer as "someone who, over a period of years and with substantial effort, resources and commitment, and as part of their responsibility as world citizen, participative and anticipatively conceives designs, establishes and learns through an exemplar project in order to demonstrate today a better world is possible for our children’s children." [Paul Wildman 15-01-2006]

Creativity emerges from the multidimensional constraints of each moment. Source of archetypes, myth and dreams, objective psyche is also the source of wisdom, genius, inspiration and adaptive value relevant in every era including our own. The very architecture of the collective psyche is evolving, pregnant with new vision. It funds our collective explorations of our sustainable futures with new ideas and inventions.

The source of what matters, energy/matter is not different from psyche. Psyche is the dynamic totality of all conscious and unconscious psychic processes. If consciousness is the root of matter, as some physics models suggest, it includes everything we imagine, experience and know as well as what we cannot know, including viable futures.

Real awareness is being present in the moment. The confluence of future and past is eternally present now, pregnant with potential. Collective psyche "remembers" the future before it arrives, runs all superimposed scenarios in the multiverse before collapsing into ordinary reality.

Collective psyche can provide prescient glimpses into possible futures. Can we, therefore, change undesireable timelines and outcomes using collective psyche as applied human survival technology? Perhaps we can, through recognizing, forming and making new patterns manifest.

Both individual and collective psyche possess layers that lie below consciousness. We can examine the beliefs and behavior of our global society, in general, just as we can analyze and foster emergent creativity in individuals with therapeutic effect. The collective shadow of the old paradigm still plagues us.

The collective psyche itself demands resolution or at least fascinates us with its elusive nature. To find peace in the world, we must find it within. Images arising in the collective psyche are internalized as dreams and visions. We sense autonomous forces beyond us at work. Deity resides in the collective psyche. Even in physics and life sciences, psyche and matter are no longer split.

Collective intelligence and identity are externalized online in social networking and digital alchemy. This superset is a new human identity, embodying that tangibly greater than self. We are practicing higher order collective cooperation, collectively reinventing ourselves as a species. Collective conversation moves at the speed of light.

Openness, inclusivity, decentralization, nonlocality and virtuality are keywords. We are not only merging with one another, we are e-merging our nervous systems with our technology. We are letting go of personal identity to collective intelligence in a new way, teaching one another as we explore that frontier beyond the doors of perception. We are each a unique center, poised on the creative edge of evolution.


As well as universities, we need subversities that undermine our outworn notions of the way things work. Learning insights combine with active imagination in creativity.Our collective aspirations are guided by archetypal fantasies. Our disenchantment and collective grief is arguably over loss of the world soul. The collective psyche points toward and guides us through the transition period we now face. New images are arising, reframing the future.

Images have healing properties. They speak to us in our sleeping and waking dreams, forging shared stories relevant to everyone in the process as well as the Cosmos itself. We cannot separate our psychophysical symptoms from the collective environment. There is a missing dimension in our worldview and mindscapes. We sense it, even though the market and media have attempted to drain all depth from our experience. Emergent events are not merely responses to economic and climatic conditions or social engineering, but eruptions of the collective unconscious.

Mobilized, the archetypal dynamics and creative forces of the collective psyche perturb psychosocial trends, creating new possibilities. Archetypes are the psychic skeleton fleshed out by events that matter. We can't keep our collective skeletons in the closet anymore. We can no longer charge the future to pay for our past. The marks have wised up and no longer trust the control systems.

What doesn't effect the Collective Psyche? Perhaps humanity has never faced more multi-dimensional challenges. We need to retrieve and upgrade our human survival technologies for our metamorphosis. Healing emerges from pathology. Edge artists are the shamans of the new millennium. Maybe we are still addicted to the Hermetic myth of futurism when we need to live in the here and now. Like Hermes, the future is a perennial Trickster: this is what you want, this is what you get -- lowered expectations. Why do we hurry to live in the future? Futurism speculates about the unknown, robbing us of the present and its opportunities.

There is no quick cure for collective ills but we can find new metaphors, deeper meaning and more relevant stories. There is no therapy but moving forward creatively into the future, experimenting with solutions. Inspiration can emerge from infinite potential in any instant.

Participatory Wisdom

The only certain way to heal the personality or the world is getting to the source of wisdom. Collective consciousness is tied to the health of each individual. Healing power emerges from integration. Looking within, we arouse our tacit knowledge for participatory wisdom -- the active wisdom of the collective psyche. The same patterns are at work in the individual and collective psyche, something ungraspable in the depths.

Larger patterns are at work in the collective. Global awareness, multiculturalism and multinationalism are basic to the collective psyche. But we fear the loss of old boundaries. Is this our collective Borderline disorder, emphasizing relationship disturbances that challenge our beliefs about ourselves? Is it the source of our unremitting crisis and vulnerability? Joy is the only antidote to anxiety.

We need new models for creative art and science that move us beyond the nihilism of postmodernism into the transmodern era. The exhausted culture must die for the new to emerge from its ashes. The collective death-wish plays out in a myriad of ways. The psyche is not amenable to reduction. It cannot be contained or restricted.

Collective Psyche Definition

The Collective Psyche is a reservoir of experiences. In Jungian psychology, the collective unconscious is a part of the unconscious mind, shared by our whole species, or a society, a people, or all humankind, that is the product of ancestral experience and contains such concepts as science, religion, and morality. Jung believed this uber-consciousness is the primitive source of archetypes or universal dynamics and symbolism found in legends, poetry, and dreams. Thus, art, including technoetics, has the capacity to reveal the collective psyche.

A world view is a set of presuppositions (or assumptions) which we hold (consciously or subconsciously) about the basic makeup of our world. Everyone has a world view, whether he can explain it or not. It can be likened to a pair of glasses through which one views the world. It is important to have the right prescription, or reality will be distorted. Modem man is faced with a supermarket of world views; all of them claim to represent reality, but they are points of view about reality -- mental constructs, beliefs.

EMERGENT PARADIGM: The new paradigm embraces chaos, complexity, emergent creativity and self-organization. We all participate in the evolution of consciousness, whether our transformations are conscious or unconscious. Conscious Evolution is the ethical, philosophical, intentional governance of human change and cultural engineering.

We can each conduct ourselves compassionately with spiritual responsibility for the health and unfolding of human progress. Thinking and behaving with creative intent, we form a graceful society, approaching our ideal, incorporating loving, harmonious methods also in harmony with nature. The post-metaphysical desire is to contribute to the spiritual fulfillment of all people. The needs of the many resonate with the needs of the one.

COMMITMENT TO TRUTH: What is our shared vision today? Shared visions arise from those truly committed to their personal visions. What is the true nature of this "reality" we are creating? Are we on purpose and achieving our collective destiny or has our country been hijacked by special interests? Why do we obsessively overwork, overspend, cover up, get aggressive and perpetuate sick organizations? How can we let go of our old national identity, pass through the 'neutral zone' and experience transforming rebirth? We need a paradigm that superimposes the new on the old. First comes a change in attitudes or worldview that embodies a different set of values in cultural rebirth.

CREATIVE STRATEGIES: How can we raise the bar? Shared vision uplifts our aspirations, gives us courage and ignites our spirit. It pulls us toward an overarching goal. It creates room for risk taking and experimentation by fostering long term commitment. We can extend principles and insights from personal mastery into the world of discipline, collective aspiration and shared commitment. The vision may come before its time is ripe, but we have to try, even to fail. We need a transition plan or crisis and confusion will arise. We can look to the past to get to the root of the problem.

Author, Therapist, Artist
Iona Miller

FREE RADICAL: Iona Miller, consultant and transdisciplinarian, is a nonfiction writer for the academic and popular press, hypnotherapist (ACHE) and multimedia artist. Her work is an omnisensory fusion of sacred activism, intelligence reform, esoterics, science-art, chaos theory, pop physics, and emergent paradigm shift melding experiential psychotherapy, future science, biophysics, resonant space, philosophy, cosmology, healing, creativity, articulated and tacit knowledge, qabalah, magick, paranormal, media ecology, mind control, paramedia, metaphysics, and cultural filters.

CHANGE AGENT: Rather than having an interest in specific doctrines, she is interested in the transformations, the EFFECTS of doctrines from religion, science, psychology, politics and the arts. Our beliefs are the moldable raw material of the psyche, manipulated by governments, media and culture. How do we become what we are and how is that process changing in the near future?

META HARI: Performance artist and spywhisperer, Ms. Miller is published by Phanes Press, Destiny Books (Inner Traditions), Autonomedia, Nexus Magazine, Dream Network, PM&E, Journal of Nonlocality and Remote Mental Interactions (JNLRMI), Chaosophy Journal, OAK, DNA Monthly, Pop Occulture, Schiffer, Bolero, Science-Art Research Centre, and more. She is a Ambassador and serves on the Board of nonprofit organization. Recent print articles include Alchemy Journal Vol. 10 No.1, Mar 09 (Australia), Paranoia zine #44, #46, #49, #50 (USA), HunterGatheress Journal, Vol. I and Vol. II, JNLRMI (Russia), Der Golem (Germany), Antibiothis I and III (Portugal), The Art of Fetish (Miami), and Journal of Interdisciplinary Crossroads (India). Her artwork has shown in Miami, Phoenix, New York, in magazines and more. Appearances include "21st Century Radio," "Untamed Dimensions," "Reality Portal," " Digital Long Island," "The Ascending Way," etc.

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Paradigm Shifts


Stage 1: Archaic: Survival, the Ground Zero of Existence. Self-preservation, isolation; antisocial. Paranoid or idiosyncratic beliefs.

Stage 2: Tribal: Truster/Trickster. Social; love, belonging. Self-sacrifice vs. selfishness. Transgression; taboo. Ethnocentric magical and superstitious beliefs.

Stage 3: Egocentric: Power; Esteem; Autonomy, heroic. Unscrupulous Competition/Hero. Shame vs. honor. Exploitation vs. Respect. Mythic beliefs.

Stage4: Moral/Patriotic. Rules; Initiative. Shame and guilt vs. conformity and conventionality; purpose, virtue. Systematized truths. Emotional, nostalgic beliefs.

Stage 5: Materialist. Reasoning; mental analysis. Rational beliefs, truth; goodness; consumerism, greed. Head vs. heart. Progressive if rewarded, compulsive, workaholic. Perspective. Rational beliefs.

Stage 6: Wise Empath. Service, rapport, intimacy, empathy. Politically correct.. Inner wisdom, meaning. Self-actualization. Intuitive, mystical beliefs.

Stage 7: Distancer/Self. Paradoxical; individuated, reclusive; universalist. Deconstruction and Synthesis, gestalt, the big picture. Integral, synergetic beliefs.

Stage 8: Global Village. Complex Dynamic Beliefs. Post-Metaphysical Integrative Spirituality. “Express Self Now, but not at the expense of Others or the World, so that Life May Continue.” Integrative Sustainable beliefs.

The sophistication of our beliefs about the way ourselves and the world works has evolved over time. But not everyone lives in the Present, with a belief system that is consistent with our current rational knowledge. Beliefs are influenced by emotional and psychosocial pressures.

Many people are firmly invested in the spiritual practices of by-gone eras, for good or not so good. Regardless, time and technology march on, impacting our psychophysical organism with challenges never faced by humanity before. The future-oriented are already living there. As has been pointed out: "The future is already here; it just isn't evenly distributed." To truly live mindfully in the Now, which is all we ever actually have, is to live at your Cosmic Zero Point

For thousands of years, tribes were so well adapted to their environments, they had little need to evolve. Their worldviews and reality differed, but not so overwhelmingly as for repressed cognitive dissonance to drive them to higher-numbered stages

Belief systems are like reality wormholes into the past. Part of us can live in the 14th, 17th, or 19th century, depending on eclectic spiritual ideas we have embraced or gotten stuck in. The same individual, such as a religious scientist, can embrace conflicting beliefs from different centuries. Compartmentalization is the only way to deny this cognitive dissonance.

Self-regulatory techniques can be adopted without this psychological baggage, with or without maintaining the spiritual or religious context. Somewhere on the planet, humans are living in every niche of the evolutionary belief spectrum. Which existential experience you perceive depends on the filters of your options (environment), beliefs and values.

Each stage represents a limited understanding and repressions until its liabilities force us into the next stage. Alternating stages are self-expressive and social. First new traits and states are emergent; then they stabilize. Our archetypal experiences can be regressions or expressions of our present highest state of development or emergent, then stabilized intuitions of still higher states. Each stage is a worldview with its own needs, belief style and existential ground. Each is its own trance state, a lens through which the world is perceived with certain distortions. Each can be a trap of complacency as we enjoy its rewards.

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Paramedia” describes what happens when peers come together in networks of influence, using media innovation. In the era of USER AS CONTENT, self-organizing people with the status skillsets of traditional media and access to media publishing tools converge in mutually-reinforcing, democratic and purposeful new ways beyond journalism and the shameless self-promotion of "Web 2.0" and other non-compliant social media and distribution channels.

DIY Media: Paramedia, including desktop cinema, is the medium of the "Naughties." Arguably, it is the single most important factor in current social evolution, light years beyond the offerings of dry pedagogy and endless Power Point presentations. It penetrates deeply into the gaps of conventional culture, rigidity and atrophy, bursting it apart at the seams, like overripe fruit. It is a chaotic factor mirroring the criticality of our times, and magnifying its influence through the butterfly effect of info-memes.

Infowars: Taking its message directly to the people who either actively seek it or come upon it synchronistically, it is a new way of teaching and learning that suits our busy lifestyles and our infolust for concise, up to the minute reportage, analysis and applcation. As with all media, once you digest the content, you are invited to make up your mind for yourself.

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